Trade Business


We have launched sales expansion measures for each manufacturer and operate a full range of trade (mainly food, health products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, baby products, etc.), mainly exporting to East and Southeast Asian countries, mainly China, and parts of the United States. In addition, in order to respond to consumer demand in the Japanese market, we will also import and sell groceries, raw materials, materials, etc. from various Asian countries.

Operating Results:

During the COVID-19 crisis, we provided sales solutions to many well-known food manufacturers in Hokkaido, developed sales channels and carried out sales activities in China and Southeast Asia. Achieved annual sales of over 1 billion yen.


We operate a total of 6 cross-border e-commerce stores on top market platforms in China and Southeast Asia (Tmall,, LAZADA, SHOPEE, etc.) including Alibaba Group and Actively participate in overseas test sales and marketing activities of manufacturers.

Operating Results:

We actively participate in the product development of established small and medium-sized local pharmaceutical manufacturers that have stagnated in development, and launch "Japanese products worth buying" in company-operated stores for sale to foreign consumers. Annual sales of single products reach 30 million yen.

Ad and Promotion Business

Conveying information about Japanese companies to China

・Register company information in Baidu Encyclopedia
・Open an official account on Chinese social networking sites (Douyin, RED, etc.)
・Produce short, medium and long advertising videos for related products of various Japanese companies
・Create advertising videos that make use of internet celebrity KOL
・Publish information on major SNS platforms in China
・Build MCN by linking China's cross-border EC and SNS

Convey information about Chinese companies to Japan

・Build MCN and account operations for Twitter, Instagram, TIKTOK and other platforms
・Support IP development in Japan for Chinese artists, KOLs, artists, animations, etc.
・Agent to negotiate with the Chinese side on the above matters

Other advertising services

・Consulting on China market research, development, strategy formulation, tactical implementation, etc.
・Shoot and edit commercial company and product image promotion videos and photos for Japanese companies

Domestic Business within Japan

Offline physical store operation business

The brand "HOKKAIDOOR" named after the gate of Hokkaido develops retail business focusing on Asia. We operate offline physical stores and hope that customers will visit the Chitose store and experience for themselves the "Hospitality from Hokkaido" provided by us.

Operating Results:

In order to prepare for the recovery of the inbound market due to the increase in foreign tourists after the relaxation of entry restrictions, we have launched the operation of a drug store "HOKKAIDOOR" in Chitose City. The store is located adjacent to the intersection area connecting Chitose City and Otaru City, and provides a one-stop service that not only picks up customers, but also provides a service to purchase souvenirs and deliver them to New Chitose Airport.

e-commerce business

Utilizing the know-how of cross-border EC business, we started EC business in the top market of Japan. We conduct sales activities focusing on the manufacturer's products and self-operated products for the Japanese domestic market.

Operating Results:

Launched and sold planned products on Japan's largest crowdfunding event, and achieved 538% of the original goal.

Logistics Business

In-company product delivery

We have an internal warehouse within the company that can handle import customs clearance, warehousing and delivery of Japanese export goods, and are building logistics and settlement for BtoB, BtoBtoC and other domestic DAP and DDP in China.

Shipping orders from other companies

Based on our experience and performance to date, we will assist exporters with all trade operations, including coordinating schedules, preparing necessary documents, and obtaining permission letters. If you have any questions about the process of exporting from Japan to other countries, such as applying for the certificates required for each country, export customs clearance, and shipping, please feel free to contact us.

(New) Inbound customer delivery service

Manufacturing Planning Business

Planning and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and alcoholic beverages

There were existing obstacles in the pharmaceutical and alcoholic beverage industries. However, our company gathered industry experts, obtained sales and manufacturing licenses, and cooperated with manufacturers to start the planning and manufacturing business of pharmaceutical and alcoholic products.

Operating Results:

Entrusted by a large retailer in China to produce the company's own brand medicines and provide one-stop services from market research and product planning to manufacturing and export.

Snack food and other self-operated product development business

In order to produce world-renowned Japanese desserts that are loved by people all over the world, our company is committed to developing its own products to meet the diverse needs of consumers while focusing on how to provide added value.

Operating Results:

Our company's original snack brand insists on using local raw materials from Hokkaido, which is sold domestically in Japan and exported to East Asia and parts of the United States.

IT Payment Business in Primary Industries

Provide IT products such as QR code payment

Under the new coronavirus epidemic, we will provide products that are versatile at home and abroad, and we will support the creation of a state that can provide everyone with high convenience and basic value. Not only from a product perspective, we will also create a system that can provide solutions in line with market trends by grasping the characteristics of each service provider. Specifically, we propose products that support diversified payments, diversified coupons, and diversified customer attraction, and improve and optimize through data analysis to welcome the next era. In addition, we will promote business from the perspective of integrating into Japan so that we can better apply the latest overseas trends including China that we have learned.

Manufacturing and sales of agricultural and livestock products

As the primary industry at the core of Hokkaido's charm, it has been greatly affected by the recent depreciation of the yen and rising resource costs. The market has many challenges, such as system improvement issues including the sixth industrialization, and sustainable development issues.
Through our company's various businesses, we will support issues such as "expanding sales channels to overseas, EC and stores", "manufacturing processed products" and "distribution systems", while operating our own farms and processing plants to develop from the region Support Hokkaido from the dual perspective of business development.

Inbound & Real Estate Business

Customized tours for high-income earners

The purposes of travel are many and varied, and our goal is to plan and propose sightseeing tours that resonate with all five senses, rather than just a monotonous package. We will provide you with a "lifetime" travel experience.

Medical tourism and remote consultation

The "Five-Year Strategic Overview of Medical Innovation" mentioned two advantages of Japanese medical care: first, it can provide all citizens with high-level average medical services (reaching the highest average life expectancy in the world); second, it provides meticulous, hospitable, friendly, Courteous "reassuring and healing medical care." We are also developing a health innovation business to achieve regional revitalization by combining local medical care and tourism. In addition, necessary online medical consultation services will be provided before and after travel.

business idea:

We will not only cooperate with specialized hospitals in Hokkaido to conduct online consultations, but also provide safe and reliable services such as schedule management and translation guidance.

Industrial investment

Boasting rich natural beauty and vast land, Hokkaido is attracting attention from around the world for its cuisine and tourism. We will provide business support to promote the use of local resources in areas such as agriculture and livestock farming, winemaking, resorts and real estate investment.

Business philosophy:

With the investment boom in Hokkaido post-COVID-19, we have set the goal of attracting high-income people from overseas to areas other than real estate investment.

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